As part of their normal activities to promote quality education in engineering and track previously made preparatory contacts with the Office for Quality Promotion of the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo, UASD, GCREAS paid an official visit to the office of the Rector at the university, Dr. Ivan Grullón. During the visit, a working meeting took place about the next steps and measures to be taken to incorporate the university´s engineering education programs to the GCREAS quality accreditation process. In this regard, views were exchanged with the Rector and the Director of Quality Promotion of the university, Dr. Amado Reyes and the Director of the School of Civil Engineering, Eng. Ventura. The academic authorities informed that the University will announce in the near future what programs will be subject to self-study, evaluation and inspection visits, within the GCREAS quality accreditation process.

In late July of this year, the Latin American and Caribbean Consortium of Engineering Institutions, LACCEI, held its annual conference in the city of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. As it is customary, the Conference brought together leading organizations both academic and professional, as well other related to Engineering in Latin America and the Caribbean. As in previous years, GCREAS participated very actively in the conference, including its presence at an interchange meeting with other engineering accrediting agencies operating in Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as through the presentation of the paper Quality Accreditation of Engineering Education. Issues on an Optimal Accrediting Agency Model, written by Dr. Hugo Pirela. Present at the conference were, among other distinguished guests, Dr. Martin Candanedo, LACCEI’s former President and current Chairman of the Board of GCREAS and Dr. Miguel Escala, prominent founding member of GCREAS and keynote speaker the Conference.

Also during the official visit to Engineers of Canada Headquarters in Ottawa, GCREAS signed an Memorandum of Understanding with the CEAB. This inter-institutional agreement, which had been in the process of negotiation for some time, was finally formalized to govern the future collaboration between the two agencies. In the context of this new M.O.U., similar to the one assigned by GCREAS with ABET, our agency will be able to get the recommendation of Canadian engineers to get involved as team leaders for GCREAS evaluation visits, and send GCREAS Peer Evaluator candidates as Shadow Visitors in CEAB’s visits to complement their training, among other cooperation activities.   This agreement is added to the other accords signed by GCREAS with sister organizations in the Americas, to expand its fruitful international cooperation in promoting better quality of engineering education worldwide.

GCREAS Accreditation Council celebrated its session deliberating on the reports about four Engineering programs presented by the Peer-Evaluator Teams that visited the respective campuses during the first semester of the year 2015. The programs were: Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Computer Engineering, of the Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo, INTEC, which had applied for accreditation; and Electronic Engineering of the Universidad APEC, which had applied for re-accreditation with the Agency.

For her repeated contribution to the GCREAS mission as an Agency´s evaluation team leader and trainer/facilitator in Peer Friend workshops, the GCREAS Accreditation Council decided to award a special recognition to Eng. Yajaira Mejía, Ph.D. of the City College of New York.. Hugo Pirela Ph.D., M.A. GCREAS Executive Director, and Eng. Rafael Rodríguez, Principal Director of the Agency, presented Dr. Mejía with a recognition certificate at the GCREAS Headquarters in Santo Domingo, RD.