GCREAS paid an official visit to the Agency´s North American mentor agencies, CEAB and ABET, to report on GCREAS’ progress and to strengthen institutional ties with said senior accrediting institutions.

The visit included a meeting at Engineers Canada Headquarters, in Ottawa, Canada, pursuing the long standing nexus between GCREAS and the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board, CEAB. Officers from both agencies reviewed the relationship with CEAB from the inception and early development stages of our Agency,  when it greatly benefited from the guide and mentorship of CEAB, and explained how the philosophical conception of our system and the application of the resulting model greatly gained from tutoring byCEAB representatives such as Deborah Wolfe, (then Director, Education, Outreach and Research); René Rochette, (Accreditation Board past-chair); and Jacinta O’Brien, (Accreditation Board past-chair). To keep building on this background, GCREAS’ expressed its interest in pursuing a Memorandum of Understanding with Engineers Canada’s CEAB. Following the visit, a draft M.O.U. was approved, and dispatched, by the GCREAS Authorities, for consideration by CEAB.

The meeting with CEAB, in Ottawa, Canada. From left to right: Kathryn Sutherland, P. Eng., FEC, LL.B., Vice-President, Regulatory Affairs; Hugo Pirela, Ph.D., M.A. GCREAS Executive Director;  Ken Mc Martin, FEC, M. Eng., P. Eng., Practice Lead, Mobility and International; and Ms. Lynn VilleneuveLL.B., Practice Lead, Accreditation