On May 2015, the Latin American & Caribbean Consortium of Engineering Institutions, LACCEI, solicited the submission of papers to be presented at its annual conference in the city of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Dr. Hugo Pirela wrote a paper summarizing the experience of the GCREAS Accrediting Agency, from its inception to date, and the lessons provided by said experience, concerning the optimization of an institutional model for international engineering accreditation agencies. The document was submitted for consideration by the panel of experts appointed by LACCEI for approval and inclusion in this international conference; and, in June 2015, the review panel issued an approving verdict. Consequently, the paper entitled: Quality Accreditation of Engineering Education. Issues on an Optimal Accrediting Agency Model was accepted as part of the international conference presentations.

  Facsimile of the cover page for the paper presented by GCREAS at the LACCEI Conference in 2015